In this dice-rolling battle game for ages 8+, you are constellations dueling over elements in the galaxy in order to build your own stars. What will be your strategy – capturing, stealing, or performing fusion/fission?

Designed by Catherine Croft, Ph.D.

Developed by Keegan Herschel, Gabriel Lewis, Elizabeth Cherry, Lisa Harrison, Eeshan Joshi, Xander Schaaf, and Oliver Steenman

How to Play:  Watch Video

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Product Description

Starsmith is a dice-rolling battle game for ages 8+ in which constellations capture elements from the galaxy to build their own stars. It features players taking on roles of female and male constellations who duel each other in a unique hybrid game mechanic of dice-rolling and card drafting. Embedded within the game are concepts of chemistry that allows players to learn without realizing it.

  • Ages:  8+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 30 min

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