You are an apprentice alchemist competing against your fellow novices to succeed your ailing master.  As a final test, your mentor will quiz you to identify mystery elements based on their properties.  Guess right, and you will gain prestige and be one step closer to becoming the master alchemist.  Guess wrong, and you might die…

Designed by Jon Nardolilli

Artwork by Rhiannon Gupta

How to Play:  Watch Video

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Product Description

In Alembic, a wizard-themed game, you will play cards and roll dice to perform chemical tests on a mystery element.  As you deduce its chemical properties, race your friends to be the first one to correctly identify it.  Will you be the wizard apprentice to guess the most mystery elements and become the Golden Meeple?

  • Ages:  8+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Time:  30 min

Contents:  10 element tiles, 6 property cards, 1 Master Alchemist’s book, 1 rulebook, 1 six-sided die, and 1 Golden Meeple

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