As teachers, we recognize the importance of budget when trying to use games in the classroom.

Good news! We have designed FREE print-and-play STEM games that can be incorporated into your K-12 lesson plans. Hope you enjoy!

On this page:

  • Power Plants – genetics card game for ages 8+
  • Crazy Cats – genetics dice-rolling art game for ages 4+
  • Atomic Adventures – chemistry memory card game for ages 4+

Power Plants

Power Plants is a card game designed to teach the basics of genetics, inheritance and variation of traits. The object of the game is to breed your potato plant with other player’s to create a “power potato plant” with different characteristics & strengths.

Storyline: Twenty years ago, an earthquake destroyed the worldas we knew it, but humans lived on. Your family and neighbors havelived off of potatoesfor decades, and now your food supply is strong enough to begin experimenting to make a better potato plant for a better tomorrow.What will your power potato plant look like?

Power Plants

Cards:  Power Plants                            Instructions:  Power Plants

Crazy Cats

  • STEM/Art game for ages 4+
  • Designed by Catherine Croft, Ph.D. and Jon Nardolilli

Explore the world of DNA with Crazy Cats!  In this free, simplified version of our popular board game, this is a fun way to introduce kids to genetics.  Players roll dice to determine the types of genes their cats inherit and then draw the traits (body, head, whiskers, number of eyes, etc.).  The craziest cat wins!

Materials Needed: Paper, pencils, two six-sided dice

Atomic Adventures

  • Chemistry memory card game for ages 4+
  • Designed by Catherine Croft, Ph.D.

This memory game matches elements of the periodic table with their roles in the world!  Fun way to introduce young children to applied chemistry.