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We extend our deepest thanks to our financial supporters.  Their generosity is critical for our mission of creating fun educational games that excite children about complex STEM topics.

With donations from the following people, we are now able to create our newest educational STEM game based on experimental chemistry, Alembic.  In an alchemy-themed world, children ages 6+ will play cards and roll dice to perform chemical tests on a mystery element.  As they deduce its chemical properties, they will race to be the first one to identify mystery elements.

Sekhar Achanta

Denise G. Brown

James R. Casey II

Pei-Yuan Chung and Adam Herzog

Scott and Haydee Cooper

Meg and Philip Croft

Victoria Lidia Croft

Carrie and Adam Davis

Andy and Ming-Hsuan Elders

Suzanne Fajer

Elizabeth Hart and Andrew Friedman

Ketura Khai

Scott Martin and Vera Lichtenberg

Elizabeth and Steve Miller

Pamela and Michael Nardolilli

Maaike Petrie

Stacey Robinson

Nathan Scott

Daniel Swanwick

Matthew and Carissa Swanwick

Nancy and Daryl Swanwick

Benjamin Torbert and Shalay Hudson

Sarah and Art Trembanis

Becket Hampton Warren

R. Whitney Winston