Game Creation as a Learning Exercise

by Jon Nardolilli (Co-Founder, Catlilli Games)

Published by Chicago Toy & Game Grouppandemic classroom

An underutilized aspect of game-based learning lies in game design and construction.  Traditional educational games require not just memorization of knowledge, but also the ability to apply that knowledge to a situation.  There is no reason why we as educators cannot take this to the next step and push students towards creation to demonstrate true mastery of a topic.

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Serious Games Make STEM Fun

by Catherine Croft Swanwick, Ph.D. (CEO, Catlilli Games)

Published in Southeast Education Network (SEEN) MagazineSEEN magazine cover

Pencils scratch on yet another worksheet as some students gaze with boredom out the window. Steps of the cell cycle are jotted down and diagrams are sketched, all to be memorized for the test next week and then to be quickly forgotten. Does this sound like a science classroom that you know? Maybe one that you took in high school or even one down the hall from you?

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Using Games to Promote STEM Education

by Catherine Croft Swanwick, Ph.D. (CEO, Catlilli Games)

Published in Games for EducatorsAnna Atoms

Would you teach kindergartners about atoms?  What about genetic patterns of inheritance?  Most people might scoff at the idea of introducing such scientific concepts at such an early age, but gamification is a growing trend in education that can effectively engage students in complex topics.